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10 Interior Designing Tips To Change The Feel Of Your Living Rooms

10 Interior Designing Tips To Change The Feel Of Your Living Rooms

There is nothing to deny that your living room happens to be one of the most important areas of your home. This is the room where the whole family comes together every night, where they kick back and relax on days when they have no work. This is also the room that your guests invariably notice the first time on each and every occasion they happen to visit you. As the homeowner, it is but natural for you to feel that your living room should always look and feel the very best. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind in this particular context.

When you are rearranging your living room you need to make sure that you are able to give the priority to, and also make the most of, what you already have at home. Otherwise, it could turn into a lost cause where you end up spending a whole lot of money and achieve virtually nothing. It could be that right now your living room feels a tad bit stale and lacking in inspiration. At the same time, it may not also be so bad that you have to redesign it completely. You may not know this but there are plenty of easy ways in which you can change your space without the need of spending truckloads of money.

In fact, changing the look and feel of a living room can be quite a simple exercise. It could be something as simple as adding a rug or changing around some furniture. This is one way in which you can give your space a really quick makeover.


1. Changing the layout of your living room

The first step that you can take in order to change the very feel of your living room is to change its layout. At times you just need to change the layout of your living room to give it a fresh look and feel. Check if your furniture has been pushed up against the walls or not. In that case, you can try and place in the middle of the room. See if your seating arrangement has space to spare or not. You can always try and divide your living room into a number of zones like so many people have done over the years.


2. Rearranging the coffee table

Quite often it so happens that the décor of your living room is complete but it still seems as if it lacks a finishing touch of sorts. In that case, you could rearrange your coffee table with objects such as books, flowers, and vases. You can be sure that this way you would be able to give your home a look worthy of the magazines.



3. Changing the view

Normally, as per the classic rules of home interior design, you would be better off positioning the sofa in such a way that it faces the TV. However, you can always change it around and make your sofa face the window or even another sofa for that matter. If you wish to change the look and feel of your living room always think about the ways in which you can use the space. Think about how you can maximize it. Also, do it in such a way that it makes sense to you.

4. Re-hanging your curtains

Check the positioning of your curtains. Are they just below your ceiling and wider than the edge of your windows? If you want you can always get a home interior design Mumbai company to look into these things. If you are not satisfied with what you see you can always think about taking your curtains down and hanging them up again but in a different way. If you can place your curtains as high and wide as may be possible for you, you would be able to make your windows look bigger. This way, a lot more natural light will enter your room as well.

This way, it would look a lot more spacious straightaway.

5. Adding an antique piece or two

Any and every good provider of home interior design services would tell you that adding a couple of pieces of antique – or even one for that matter – can work wonders when it comes to changing the look of your living room. It would give your living room a sense of character that may otherwise be hard to find. You can always go looking for collector’s items at stores that sell such products. You can also look up the vintage store in your locality in order to get something unique in the truest sense of the term. An antique piece that has aged a bit and also has a bit of patina about it can give a sense of elegance and be collected to your living space.


6. Layering your rugs

It could be that your rug is so small that it does not fit the entire space of your living room. In that case, you could add a bigger rug underneath that particular smaller rug so that space can be properly anchored. This bigger rug could be a cheaper and more natural looking one. It may be that you already have a big natural rug that looks uninspiring at best. In that case, you could put a smaller and antique rug from Turkey on top of the same. You can be sure that it would give a sense of character to your living room.


7. Using color repetition

As far as décor is concerned repetition does have its strengths for sure. Not only is this applicable to colors, but it is also applicable to shapes as well. If there are a couple of prominent colors in your living room already you can try to repeat them in different items that are strewn across the room. You can do this as much as possible. Try looking at others for inspiration and ideas if you are unable to figure things out on your own.


8. Adding some greenery


If you add a touch of greenery to your room you can be sure that it would always come across as one that has been well put together. There are so many things that you can do in this regard on the basis of the space that you have in your living room. You may place a small tree that is more of the low maintenance kind or have a fig tree that is bigger, comes with fiddle like leaves, and obviously needs a lot more by way of maintenance. No matter what kind of plant you use you can be sure that you would be able to give it a finishing touch of sorts.


9. Reorganizing the bookcases

It may be that you have a bookcase in your living room. So, if you want to give that particular room a new look and feel it may be worthwhile to just take all the books out and reorganize the bookcase. In this case, you could do away with items that either is of no use to you or do not interest you at all. You can start the process of rearrangement by first placing the stacks of books as well as an art piece that you may have over there. Once you are done with them you can start off by using the smaller accessories such as the decorative pieces and vases. If it is possible, do leave some empty space in your bookcase as well.

10. Conclusion – Some other things to consider

Adding floor pillows

If you can add even a couple of floor pillows to your living room you can be sure that you would go a long way into giving that particular room a layered and relaxed feel. If you feel that your living room could do with a bit of texture you can try options such as Moroccan kilim floors pillow. Apart from the fact that they look really lovely, you would also appreciate the fact as to how easy they are when it comes to adding some storage to your living room.


Using color in order to set the mood

You can be sure that the colors selected by you for your living room would go a long way in determining how the guests would feel in that particular space. Colors have the ability to relax the space and energize them as well. However, it all depends on how intense these colors are and how warm or cool they happen to be. One of the color schemes that you could consider is a serene one comprising white and soft blue. If your living room is spacious already such a color tone would add values such as calmness, a cool quotient, and a sense of being collected. In fact, it would not get any more graceful than this.You can also add a carpet in light tanned color on your living room floor. This would make space look warmer and at the same time, the cool tones would be balanced to an extent as well.

Finishing the ceilings and walls

It has normally been seen that the walls of your living room normally are a lot formal or elaborate when it comes to treatment as compared to other rooms in your home. The main reason for this is the fact that your living room happens to be a public space. If you wish to make sure that your living room is a welcoming one – one that reveals your true self – you should choose treatments or wall coverings that are truly reflective of your style. If you want the walls and ceilings of your living room to show warmth you can go for an option such as chic print wallpapers.Apart from adding warmth they also add texture to your walls and at the same time provide an antique look as well.

Using architectural trimwork in order to add character

Trimwork is something that you can be sure would serve a practical purpose in your living room. As part of this work, you could always cover the seams where the walls are met by the floors and ceilings. At the same time, such a work also provides support to the structures that are present in the vicinity of the openings. Apart from this, these elements also serve some aesthetic purposes as well. You can always trimwork in order to give your home a unique look of sorts. You could make it anything that you want to – classical, old world, contemporary, and even regional for that matter.

If you wish you may also place lintels over the windows and doors in your living room. You can create a combination of a deep cornice and a vaulted ceiling that has beams as well. This combination would work especially well if your living room happens to be a whitewashed one.


Selecting flooring that is stylish and comfortable


As may be the case with the kind of purpose that the living room is supposed to serve you need to select a floor covering that would provide you plenty of comforts and at the same time would make a fashion statement of sorts as well. You can choose a wall to wall carpet that comes in a vibrant color that you happen to like. You can mix it up with a combination of stripes and floral elements. In case you want your floor to be less bold you can select a solid neutral floor that would make your guests focus on the art pieces in the room or the furniture. As far as living room floors go hardwood floors that come with area rugs happen to be among the biggest favorites.

However, if you want you can always go for options such as ceramic tiles, full carpeting, or stone tiles. Apart from this, you should also try and create a focal point in your living room, arrange furniture in a conversational manner, make the lighting inviting, dress the windows or leave them just like that, have a media center of sorts, and accessorize it with collections and art pieces.