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6 Best Interior Designing Ideas And Themes For The Bedroom

6 Best Interior Designing Ideas And Themes For The Bedroom

A house is but four walls, roof and floor. What makes this house a home is how we design and decorate it. Interior designing, for us, is a lot more than just a 3D bedroom design or a 3D house design. It is an amalgam of the client’s needs, the designer’s expertise and the best use of every square inch of the area. Designing the bedroom, however, is a different thing altogether.

Hardly any outsider ever enters this particular room yet, it deserves every bit of the special attention it demands. A bedroom is a very evident reflection of its occupants and the designs should show that. Here, we bring 6 best interior designing ideas and themes that you can use when you renovate or redecorate that cozy niche of yours.

  1. Inbuilt or attached shelf bedroom: For people who give more importance to function than aesthetics, this style is a must explore the option. With shelves built into the wall, you get more opportunity to keep what you love, closer and more easily accessible to you. Whether you use these extra space to keep your beloved books that the book lover in you cannot stay without or you keep those souvenirs that you collected on one of your many travels or whether you keep those memories of yourself and your loved ones, captured and enshrined in a frame on those shelves, your bedroom will be an echo of all that you love. Or you could just toss your spare change and unnecessary papers onto them. Your bedroom would still look no less amazing.
  2. Sofa or table attached bed: Undoubtedly, your entire bedroom interior design revolves around the kind of bed you are using. Opting for a bed that has a table or a sofa or even any other kind of flat surface or storage space attached does a lot in giving you a unique interior design. With the table or the extra chair pulled in to the center, you have extra spaces to play with and design it to suit your personal needs.
  3. Feature Wall: If you want an overall minimalistic look without making the room look flat, a feature wall is your best option. Depending upon the color of the wall or the texture of the tiles you use for the feature wall, you get innumerable different options to choose from. Your accessories, like the furniture and the curtains, can also be used to give your bedroom a unique edge.
  4. Full Wall Windows: For people who have a good view from their room, never let it go to waste. It is an opportunity you should exploit to the fullest, especially when it comes to master bedroom designs. Full-length windows, coupled with a combination of one set of light and one set of dark curtains can give you a feel of being one with the outside as well as snuggling in a cozy nook.
  5. Bold Wallpaper: This is an exceptional idea to try, especially for kids’ bedroom design. With children whose likes and dislike change faster than anything, a wallpapered bedroom will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Whether they scribble their hearts out with crayons on the wall or they suddenly start hating the color they just loved, you can sit back and relax, knowing changing wallpaper is always easier than getting the entire room redecorated.
  6. Wall Headboards: A more up and coming trend in terms of bedroom interior design would be doing away with the bed headboard and instead utilizing your wall as one. Whether this includes wooden paneling or cushioned band across the wall, there is a countless different number of ways you can use it to suit your particular theme.

Indeed, deciding on the décor for bedroom is not an easy task. In such cases, hiring a professional interior designer can help you find the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality while still being true to what exactly you want your bedroom to look like.