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7 Essentials to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary of Rest & Relaxation

7 Essentials to Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary of Rest & Relaxation

Designing a modular bedroom is very different from designing any other room in the house. Functionality takes precedence over style and every aspect of the room is geared towards one purpose alone – getting restful sleep at the end of a long, hard, tiring day.Ideally, we should be able to shake off all cares, distractions, tensions, and troubles at the threshold of our bedroom to step into a space that protects us from the rest of the world. But a lot of people think that designing a bedroom involves little more than bringing in a good bed, a comfortable mattress, and some soft bed linen.


And while all of that are things you’d want to put on your shopping list, there’s a lot more involved when designing a bedroom. Here are a few things you can do to create a sanctuary of your own, a place where you can relax, unwind, and just be yourself.

I. Minimalism

Clutter in the bedroom is a definite no-no, but designers go so far as to recommend a minimalist decor to cut down distractions and limit the bedroom’s functions and associations. However, minimalism doesn’t have to mean a spartan look. There’s a lot that you can do with less, as long as you have the desire and creativity. Just get rid of everything that isn’t absolutely necessary in the bedroom and start over with a blank canvas.

II. Window Treatment

Everybody has their own preference for the bedroom windows, but blackout shades are highly recommended to cut out any disruptive lights. When you’re sleeping, the body is busy repairing itself. To do so effectively, it needs darkness, and moonlight streaming into your bedroom, while romantic, can be distracting. So consider getting blinds that block out lights.

III. Soothing Color Palette

Like we’ve reasserted before, the bedroom is meant to be a restful place and, to that end, you need to choose a color palette that is soothing you. Many people go with warm colors, but experts recommend cooler hues, like blue, gray, and lilac, since they promote rest and relaxation. You could also consider elegant shades like whites, creams, and taupe for more tranquility.

IV. Adjustable Lighting

Soft bedside lighting is not just ideal, but essential to bringing a bedroom together. Consider getting light fixtures on dimmers, so you can regulate the amount of lighting in the room. Bookworms should invest in lamps / overhead light fixtures with a tall base and wide shades. Adjustable sconce lighting is also a great option.

V. Optimum Temperature

The temperature of the human body follows a 24-hour cycle. It peaks during the day when we’re most active and falls in the evening, sending the body into an energy conservation state. This is literally the equivalent of the body cooling down in the preparation of sleep. For this reason, sleep experts recommend keeping the temperature in the bedroom low so that you’re able to achieve deep sleep.

VI. Area Rug

Interior decoration of bedroom

Areas rug do more than defining and demarcate space in a room. They impart comfort to the room and absorb ambient noise to make it more peaceful. Besides, what can match the luxurious feeling of waking up in the morning and stepping onto a thick, plush rug? A fabulous way to start the day, don’t you think?

VII. Absolutely No Gadgets

As our lives get entwined in a slew of technological devices, designers are almost united in the opinion that bedrooms should be kept absolutely devoid of them. No television. No home theater. No computer. No tablets. No smartphones. Keep everything outside so that when you step into the bedroom, you’re truly leaving everything behind.

And that’s the trick to creating a relaxing bedroom. Sweet dreams. Happy sleeping!

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