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Decor Trends that Are Inspired By Nature

Decor Trends that Are Inspired By Nature

Yet another year has landed up at your doorstep and you’re faced with the perplexing challenge of keeping up with changes in decor trends. What’s in? What’s the rage? What has caught people’s fancy? So many questions to which you’re looking for answers! The upside of having us on your side is that we do all the hard work, leaving you to enjoy the results. Once again, we’ve stepped up to the occasion and gathered tidbits on what will prove to be the biggest trends in 2017. All you have to do is decide which of these you plan to embrace this year.


I. Green in In

If green was the color of envy, it’s fast losing that association and making itself known for being a preferred styling choice by interior designers all over the world. Available in so many shades, tones, and styles, green can easily be incorporated into your home in the form of wall colors, drapes, rugs, and throws. For those who balk at the idea of using the color in large doses, simply pick up some elegant accessories in green – vases, jade candelabras, even glasses – and decorate your home with them.


II. Jewel Tones Add a Sparkle

2017 is all about being inspired by nature in different ways, and jewel tones like amethyst purple, sapphire blue, and emerald green (but of course!) are hot favorites. The best part is that you could use all these colors together and instead of looking cluttered, you would end imparting a lovely earthy feeling to your moduler home.

III. Let’s Go Organic

Sustainability and responsibility towards the ecosystem are key principles guiding designers this year. For this reason, they’re going to employ like stone, wood, and terracotta tiles in all that they do. When done right, these elements can give your home a unique Mediterranean vibe that you can flaunt with pride.


IV. Faux-Fur Furniture is Back

That furry chair might not go down well with everyone, but there’s no denying that it’s extremely cozy and makes for a nice place to curl up and watch TV or read a book. Besides, faux-fur furniture can make the room pop. So set aside your inhibitions and bring home one of these super comfortable fuzzy chairs and watch yourself fall in love with them.


V. Yay for Terrariums!

Modular Furniture Mumbai

Terrariums are beautiful. They are lovely. And they are here to stay. These no-fuss, no hassle mini gardens are available in so many different sizes that you can pick and choose comfortably. Place them on your study table, hang them by the window or put them up on the walls of your home. They instantly fall into place and make your room come to life.

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