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Renovate associates is one of the largest & distinguished Interior Designing & modular furniture company in India. Every project we undertake begins with a thorough assessment of your unique and individual needs.

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Doing interiors

Donts while renovating/ Doing interiors

  1. Don’t do work in stages & phases if possible
  2. Freeze design completely before starting. If possible use 3D visualization
  3. Freeze your budget and leave 10-15% as miscellaneous. Back calculate from a final number
  4. Choosing unique materials /imported items is wonderful, but repair and maintenance can be difficult
  5. Usually, 75% of an interiors budget is woodwork, of the remaining 25% – civil, electrical, plumbing, etc..Potential savings or value for money is achieved in woodwork
  6. Speed of Work is achieved only when carpentry is done off site

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