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Eye Popping Colors To Give Your Home a Vibrant Feel

Eye Popping Colors To Give Your Home a Vibrant Feel

The word alone brings to mind images of scorched earth, parched throats, dry lips, and sweat-drenched clothes. It’s almost like nature has decided to suck the energy out of everyone, leaving us feeling so lethargic that we almost couldn’t be bothered with things like color, fashion or style. Almost.But we are a resilient lot, aren’t we? There’s no way that we’d let a little thing like soaring temperatures dampen our style. Come rain or shine, our homes are going to look like they’re posing for the cover page of Architectural Digest! Jokes aside, when the weather outside is crushing your spirit, here are some lovely colors that will brighten things indoors and help refresh your body, soul, and mind.

Cobalt Blue

This color is bold without being abrasive and playful without being flippant. Just a dash of cobalt blue to any room, and you’ll see the ‘dynamic quotient’ of the space rise by several notches. Given how vibrant it is, Interior designers are in love with this shade of blue, but they do caution people from overusing it. Start small, play with it before you decide to paint the town red (rather, your house blue!) with it.

Stark White

Nothing says summers like crisp white sheets, lacey curtains, and daisies cooling their heels in a vase of chilled water. And if you think that an all-white room looks boring, or too grandmotherly, you’re not using your imagination to your advantage. Experiment with textures brings in shiny white surfaces offset by distressed white chairs, break the monotony by using mirrors and crystal decor items and use just that little dash of color – purple, orange, green – to make things interesting.

Honey Dew

Greens are a natural choice for summer design ideas, but one shade that is not talked about much is honey dew. This sweet, light shade makes you feel like you’re basking in your own tropical haven. It also pairs well with a host of other shades and easy to decorate with. There are plenty of colors that you can use to turn up the zing factor of your modular home – exotic orange, sea coral, candy apple red, lime, and tropical pink. They might come across as surprising picks, but the key is to use these colors as accents. Grab a few pillowcases, throw a rug on the floor, pick up a vase, or just buy some bright colors for the living room – there are plenty of ways you can make your interiors pop and survive the onslaught of the elements outside.

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