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Get That Designer Look with These 4 Pro Tips for First Time Decorators

Get That Designer Look with These 4 Pro Tips for First Time Decorators

Some people think that designing a room is like taking a walk in the park – just get some furniture in, hang up some nice looking curtains, plonk a vase on the coffee table, dump some flowers in it and you’re done. Unfortunately, interior designing isn’t that easy and it takes a lot of skill and thought to make a room come together cohesively. Some people, possessing a knack for it, are able to do it almost effortlessly. Others need a little bit of guidance, especially those who’re undertaking this task for the first time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t borrow a page or four from the books of designer goods. And with these tips, you’re going to start designing like a pro and have friends and family lauding your effort.

Invest in Wall Art

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There’s a common misconception that art is meant for those who are intellectual or pretentious. Nothing like that, really. Even us regular folks can use paintings to personalize space and lend some characters to the walls. And don’t think art has to be exorbitant. These days, you can get some really beautiful prints online … and that too at a reasonable price. Pick something that calls to you, pay attention to how it works with the color scheme, choose the perfect spot, and hang it up on your wall. There now, doesn’t it look beautiful?

Art for the Floor

If you’re hanging up paintings on the wall, why stop there? The floors are just as deserving of good looks and aesthetic makeover, right? Jokes aside, area rugs are great for grounding and defining a space. They add color and pattern to a room and even help create distinction in spaces that serve a dual purpose, like the drawing-cum-dining room. What kind of rug you choose is entirely up to you, but there’s absolutely no dearth of choice. Just make sure it goes with the overall decor.

Eclectic Furniture Set

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Most of us have a compulsive habit of buying matching sofa set and loveseats. Yawn! That’s so old school, not to mention boring. Break tradition, spice things up a bit. Mix and match items of furniture and create some intrigue. It never hurts to experiment and sometimes, the results can be quite startling and pleasing.

Drape some Glory

Curtains do more than keeping the sun out and your privacy in. They make a room feel … less bare. When you hang up some lovely drapes with beautiful patterns on it, a sense of warmth immediately washes over the space. Whether it’s rich textured fabrics you prefer or sheer, lacy ones, curtains can make space go from spartan to cozy. If you don’t want to be too experimental, go with neutral drapes so that you can match it with any kind of decor you want. This isn’t an exhaustive list of decor tips by any means, but it’s a great place to start. As you continue your creative endeavors, you’ll add to your knowledge. You’ll also take a few chances and make a few blunders along the way. But overall, you’ll end up surprising yourself with the results!