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Renovate associates is one of the largest & distinguished Interior Designing & modular furniture company in India. Every project we undertake begins with a thorough assessment of your unique and individual needs.
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Green Building Initiatives: Rennovate Interiors

Green Building Initiatives: Rennovate Interiors

90% of the time people stay indoors. Therefore the indoor aesthetics, air quality, and comfort are of paramount importance to occupants.

Benefits of Green Interiors Sustainable Interior design can result in multifold benefits:

  • 30-40% reduction in energy cost
  • 20-30% reduction in Water requirement
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
  • Use of materials that are non-toxic
  • Better acoustics & ergonomics
  • Improved health & wellbeing of occupants

We have installed efficient water fixtures

  • Water Closets (Full-flush) 6 LPF , (Half-flush) 3 LPF
  • Faucets / Taps 6 LPM
  • Health Faucet 6 LPM
  • Showerhead / Handheld Spray 10 LPM

We have enhanced energy efficiency in the interior spaces by optimizing lighting with LEDS and by providing electronic appliances of 4 star rating minimum. Daylighting has been maximized. There are delightful outdoor views from every space

We must Facilitate the segregation of waste at the source so as to prevent such waste from being sent to land-fills. Dry and wet waste segregation has been provided in the kitchen with autolid bins under the sink

While doing the interiors,

  • We were mindful of maximizing the recycling of wasted products. We re-used the waste within the same premises/building or sold the waste to a local recycler/ hauler.
  • We used locally available materials, thereby minimizing the associated environmental impacts. We sourced materials within a radial distance of 500 km for at least 20% of procured materials, by cost.
  • We used 100% Eco-friendly wood-based materials, of composite nature like plywood, flush doors.
  • Many of their existing doors/windows etc were re-used by resizing.
  • The paints used were water-based and with low volatile organic compounds.
  • All adhesive work was done offsite with 15 days of airing for the minimization of VOC emissions.
  • Every evening an interior cleaning and flush out were undertaken.
  • All packing material was recyclable in nature and non plastic – completely biodegradable.

All design encourages human ergonomics to address occupants’ health and well-being.