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How to Use Cushions to Make Your Decor Interesting

How to Use Cushions to Make Your Decor Interesting

Probably the toughest part of choosing a decor for your living room is wondering what to do with cushions. From deciding the optimal number to finalizing the right color and texture, there are a surprising number of factors to consider when decorating with cushions.

We are here to help you ease through that process.

How many cushions are too many cushions?

You have to remember that cushions are meant to be accessories. Their use should be determined by the use of the main modular furniture they are supporting. If your cushions are not leaving any space for people to sit on your sofa, then that’s too many cushions. On the other hand, if they are not providing enough back rest, then you’ve got too few! Neither of these is ideal situations and both can be rectified with a little bit of forethought.

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 Even or odd?

The number of cushions you use depends on the look you are going for. If you want a more symmetrical, traditional design, then odd numbers are the best. Odd number designs have a central axis that’s the core of symmetry.

For example, you can place this more decorative Clarus Yellow-Grey Embroidered Linen Cushion,  cushion in the middle of the couch, flanked on either side by a couple of solid Tangiers Yellow Double Needle Textured Velvet Cushion cushions.

The even numbers complement a modern look, where you can style either four totally different cushions or just go with different shades of the same color. That creates an overall trendy feel.

It’s all about the contrast

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Contrast offers you an effective way of bringing out a certain hue or theme for the room. Go for mellow beige colors for the office or somber reds and greens for the drawing room. pinks and blues look good in your children’s bedrooms and rich golds and silvers can adorn your living room.

Pro Tip: Changing the covers of your cushion is an economical way of redecorating your home. So when choosing the colors for your walls, pick some shades that will lend themselves to a variety of colors and looks.Like with all other arts, picking up good cushion covers is a talent you’ll develop over time. So be open to ideas and expose yourself to new themes. Experiment, try mixing things up, and see what you end up with.

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