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How to Use Candles Artistically

Interior Lighting Solution

When it comes to interior decoration candles have not received their due recognition. They are highly underrated and usually retrieved from the cabinet when you are planning a romantic candlelight dinner for your partner. Yet, when you think about it, candles make for extremely versatile decorative elements. They relax you, spread warmth in the room, create a magical ambiance, and add drama to the living space. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances, candles are portable, disposable, and can be added to any room in a matter of minutes.

I.  If you have a few spare wine glasses lying around the house, try this tip. Fill it with water, drop in a few petals of tulips or roses and a floating candle. That’s it! You have a dreamy looking decorative element you can place anywhere in your moduler home.

Interior Lighting Solution

II. We combine the warm glow of candles with the delicious scent of lavender in this tip. This decoration is also very easy to put together. All you need are glass candle holders, lavender, and of course, candles

III. Make sure you select candle holders that have a wide mouth so that the aroma spreads far and wide. Also, use wide bottomed candles so they don’t tip over. If you don’t have lavender, you could also use a potpourri of dried flowers.

If you like a marine-inspired theme that reminds you of the seaside trip you took last year, this decorative tip is for you. Take a wide glass jar and fill about a third of it with sand. Place a turquoise or aqua-green (or any other color that reminds you of the sea) candle in it and surround it with sea shells and tiny pebbles. Now, you have a lovely candle-lit ornament you can keep in your living room and wow your family and friends!


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