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Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas That Will Transform your Space

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Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas That Will Transform your Space

The kitchen is the most essential part of your home and needs to be well-maintained and organized.

Our customised, branded, made to order kitchen is just that!

We incorporate our Indian cooking lifestyle into the kitchen design.

This part of the house is used more frequently and having some of the perfect wall décor ideas for it will make your room interior look amazingly beautiful. Sometimes, you may place a picture, artwork, or get the area coloured. But don’t you think it would be marvellous if everything ranging from the cooking area to the dining area was equipped with something unique? You can opt for modular kitchen designs for small kitchens as well as large kitchens for decorating.


There are a variety of options available today in the market. If you get in touch with a designer, you are likely to get a plethora of designs and decorating ideas presented in front of you. 

Modern Kitchen Wall Décor

This is among one of the trending kitchen wall décor ideas. It looks amazing with a nice display shelf or glass cabinet as well. Lights, various colours and finishes add to the styling of this space.

Handles, no handles, concealed handles, profile handles in many colours.

Our aim is always functionality and design aesthetic.

Based on the theme that you have selected, you can arrange all the materials on the shelf to make your space look beautiful.

If you are looking for modular kitchen designers in Mumbai, you must be careful while visiting them. Do have a look at the reviews and ratings before connecting with a firm. MOST IMPORTANTLY, understand whether it is ply or engineered wood which is another word for particle board and MDF!

Understand the finishes, understand the prices, understand the hardware and make sure that you compare apple to apple.

Once verified, you are good to add charm to your kitchen.

Choosing Hardware in the Kitchen

If you are looking to add some metal elements to your kitchen then you should try opting for some wire baskets for cost effectiveness and Tandem boxes for ease of maintenance. These provide a modern, functional and near look to your kitchen. Make good use of hanging wire organizers in this case.

Cost and functionality should be seriously considered as kitchens can range from 1.5 lakh to 10 lakh with brands like hettich, hafele and their wonderful fittings and accessories

Tile decor

Fabulous colours, textures, wall décor gives cheerful vibes to anyone who enters it. You might think of using some lights and accessories to add charm. It is an amazing idea to play with colours to make a difference in your kitchen. The shadow boxes will add depth and character to your kitchen and make it look lovely.

With so many kitchen designs in existence today, you can select the designs and styles that go well with the architecture of your entire home. The colours and designs must complement each other. 

New countertops vs existing countertops

A lot of builders provide countertop granites in brown, black or red shades. Most granites are available in these shades and while they are extremely robust and well suited for Indian cooking, they are also very common.

Quartz, artificial marbles come in wonderful new shades especially white shades and add lots of value to the kitchen.

So how does one choose?

Pro Granite

  1. Wonderful fresh colour combinations can be used to brighten up granites in the most modern and wonderful way. Do check out our images. It’s cheaper, easily available, haldi strain free, robust and you don’t have to break Wall and floor tiles

Pro Quartz

  1. Better colours but there are a few quartz/ artificial marbles catch stains. Best to contact our experts for further help

Modern Kitchen Décor

Often, while decorating your kitchen, you may overlook the backsplash. However, it is also a part of the kitchen and needs to be paid proper attention to. Many designs can be a part of backsplash décor. You can leave it in a 3D panel or could use some artistic paintings for it. 

Make sure that you apply the best decorative ideas to your modular kitchen.

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