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Upcoming Design Trends for 2017: What to Watch out For

Upcoming Design Trends for 2017: What to Watch out For

Another year draws to a close and a brand new year beckons us forward. But the year isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Along with it will change the design, decor, and color trends. And as savvy readers of all things beautiful and artistic, you should be familiar with the latest developments on this front.

So, here’s a run down of some of the things that are likely to create a stir in the coming year…

A Leaf out of Nature’s Book

Global Warming is, and will remain, a fiercely debated topic. But as awareness about the protection and preservation of the environment spreads, Interior designers will look to incorporate “earthy tones” into their design process. Recycled materials will find more mainstream acceptance and we can expect a resurgence of terracotta-inspired decor and accessories. With respect to upholstery and linens, designers will be seen using plenty of  gold, browns, and off-whites in their creations.


Let’s Go Green

Green is likely to be back in fashion, especially darker shades that have been in exile for some time. According to analysts, dark green will stand for political solidarity as well. Teal is upcoming colors for 2017 and pairs well with beige and gray tones. Have a look at our teal inspired collection and pick something suitable for your home.


Homes are meant to be a safe haven from the harshness of the world outside. With cities becoming a veritable cesspool of pollution, congestion, trash, and dirt, it’s all the more important to create a world one can escape into once we get back home. For these reasons, home owners, as well as designers, are including tranquil spaces like reading books and meditation rooms in modern residences. That way, at least some peace is guaranteed to you at the end to the day.

Indoor Plants

A lot of modern aesthetics revolve around integrating nature into the highly concretized places we live in. Indoor plants are an excellent way of doing that and more and more homes are getting terrace gardens, hanging gardens, zen gardens, and even vertical gardens! Architects are also recommending enhancements like skylights and French windows to get more sunlight into the house.

To sum up, 2017 is all about coming close to nature in different ways. How you do it is entirely up to you. Transform that unused or awkward corner into a reading nook, create a Zen inspired garden in the backyard, deck your halls with indoor plants … your options are only restricted by your imagination!

Source: Addresshome